Xbox One cleverness

XboxOne cleverness.
I recently purchased and Xbox One and have started using it for media consumption since most of the apps I have access to (c more play and Netflix) are there. One weird omission is HBO Nordic, which was available for the xbox 360 but no the One?

That really doesn't make any sense, particularly since they made a PS4 version so their motive is not really that clear for not making one for the Xbox One. Luckily there's a remedy for that. I own a Chrome Cast but it isn't plugged in because I use a hdmi/optical splitter for the sound system and Chrome Cast can't seem to work with a multiport HDMI adapter so I constantly had to swap HDMI for Xbox and ChromeCast.

But I stumpled upon a post on the net where you can actually plug the ChromeCast directly into the Xbox HDMI in since it's built for handling TV, but can also view anything thats connecting in the HDMI In port. It even has usb port so you can power the chromecast as well. Anyways the post was found at , and it works really well and if I shut down the xbox, the chromecast shuts off aswell so now I don't have to turn if off manually.