Multi monitor tricks

Multi monitor tricks.
I recently tried fiddling around with a external touchpad on my computer and discovered the pain when a multi monitor setup, particularly when having to move the mouse aaaall the way to the other screen. A neat app (albeit a oldie) is autohotkey, where you can write your own script to make the pc do your bidding. What I wrote by browsing a few forums is a script that when pressing ctrl+space centers the mouse cursor to the other screen. E.g. the following code in a .ahk file will map ctrl-space to toggling the mouse cursor between screens. The x_1 is the horizontal position of the mouse, and in this case a negative value means the cursor is positioned to the left of the primary screen.

CoordMode, mouse, Screen
MouseGetPos, x_1, y_1, id_1, control_1

If(x_1 > 0){
 MouseMove, -2796, 539, 0
 MouseMove, 1267, 689, 0


So whenever you press the key combo you can quickly browse to the other screen and do your thing and a upshot is that if you're holding a window with the mouse down/touch and ready to move it, the key combo automatically snaps it to the other monitor so it's even faster then pressing win+left arrow.