Infocus IN26 dissassembly guide

My projector recently gave a weird noise and didn't display a picture. The noise sounded like something hitting the fan and I tried to blow air at the fan but it didn't work. I needed to take the casing off but Infocus didn't give a guide anywhere in their support section and the only thing I could find on their site was how to replace the lamp, which is pretty much a no brainer. And so I decided to take it apart anyway since the warranty had run out any way.

The projector uses 3 different different types of phillips screws, but you only need two bits but I didn't jot the sizes down, sorry about that.

Turn the projector on it's head and start by removing the lamp cover to remove the two screws located beneath.

Move round that corners of the projector remove the two screws located in each corner.

When that's done, remove the two smaller screws, one beside the svhs port and the other between the phono jacks.
Turn the projector around and remove the back panel to expose the guts of the projector.

Now you can tilt the top of the projector so you can reach the different components and since it's only the covers missing you can actually to it on to located the culprit making the noise.

I actually discovered it wasn't the fan at all, but a rogue cable that touched the lcd colour wheel, which was why no image was displayed since the wheel wasn't able to turn around.

Remounting the cable firmly so it wouldn't ditach itself again, the projector came back to life so luckily it was a simply fix to a otherwise dead projector.

As always I take no responsibility explicit or implied if you follow guide and break something.