Unofficial timetable app

Unofficial departure/arrival timetable for Færgen Hou-Samsø.
Since I occationally take the trip to the island Samsø, but can never remember the when ferry departs from Hou and since the company's official site isn't optimized for mobile I made a webapp which just fetches and displays timetable and can switch date and point of origin.

UPDATE. The company sailing the particular route has changed so this webapp will only display "no departures found" until the new company makes a service available.

Click here to go to the webapp.

Just a quick guide, click the op select list to choose point of origin and the click the date to activate date picker for departure and thenf finally click the large refresh button. It should also indicate if the ferry is fully booked for people travelling in cars.

This is not affiliated with færgen and only created to serve as means of mobile accessability. I am not responsible for incorrect departure/arrival times or other errors concerning this webapp.