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Unofficial timetable app

Unofficial departure/arrival timetable for Færgen Hou-Samsø.
Since I occationally take the trip to the island Samsø, but can never remember the when ferry departs from Hou and since the company's official site isn't optimized for m...

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When you're out of ideas

(webclips are recent daily life snaps or other stuff that's fun, stupid or pointless)

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Cmd current path tip.

Quick tip to open cmd in current folder If you're like me a use windows 10 and node.js you often need to quickly fire a command in command prompt. Problem is the current path always the current users directory and in 99% of the cases I don't need to execu...

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captain: mcbain here we do things by the book BLAM (mcbain shoots book) mcbain: gutbye book


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